Thank you for your interest in registering as a new RepairBASE user. We have introduced a newer version of our RepairBASE system which includes enhanced features. We will be gradually migrating all users of our legacy version over to our latest version during next few months. During this transition period we will keep the legacy version up and running until we can transition all existing users to our latest version of RepairBase.

Since we will be replacing this legacy version with the new version soon, we are now registering new users only in the new version. Please click on the following button to continue. You will be redirected to the registration page of our new version of RepairBASE.

Note: The new version of RepairBASE is currently hosted under The URL will continue to host the legacy RepairBASE until we fully migrate all existing users to the new version.

You can find more information about the new version here:

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